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3 Ways To Help Your Child Love Reading

We had the opportunity to guest post over at Barefoot and Loving It today, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek here!


With summer wrapping up, and school just around the corner, many of our thoughts turn to learning and perhaps even reading. Some kids are naturally excited about reading, and you’ll find them ravenously reading or begging to be read to year round. Others, however, are less enthusiastic.

Did you know that reading to newborns increases their math capabilities? Or that the average children’s book has more words than prime time television? That 26% of children who were read to 3 to 4 times per week could recognize all the letters of the alphabet, versus 14% of those who weren’t? Or that for every year a child is read regularly between infancy and preschool their expected lifetime earnings increases by $50,000? Reading is a big deal! It can be hard to get kids excited about it, but it doesn’t have to be–here’s three easy ways you can help your child to love reading!


  1. Point out reading role models

Your little princess may find reading more enticing when she’s reminded that Belle LOVED to read, and always had her nose stuck in a book. And does your rambunctious superhero remember how fast Iron Man cruises through his reading homework? The role models you point out don’t have to be fictional either–find someone that your child admires who enjoys reading and point it out to them. Remember, it may very well be you!

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