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5 Reasons Happy Moms Read to their Kids

We’re delighted to have Britni from Happy Mama Tales with us today on our blog, and love her take on why happy moms read to their kids. Read out to find out why!


Each mom is different. We all have our strengths and shortcomings; but there are a few things we all have in common. To take a stab in the dark, I’d feel comfortable saying that we all love our children and want what’s best for them.

We have different ways to accomplish that, so here are 5 fun reasons happy moms read to their kids!

5 Reasons Happy Mamas Read to their kids

Happy Mama’s read to their kids for these top 5 reasons:

  1. It Creates Good Habits

    Let’s face it, as a mom one of our main goals is to create good habits in our kids. We try to teach manners, confidence, patience, gratitude, and the list goes on and on.

    We’ve all seen that study which proves that kids who read are smarter than those who don’t. We set our kids up for success by creating healthy reading habits.

  2. It Motivates Mom to be more present

    Sometimes even the best of moms need to put down the laundry and be a little more present with our little ones. Reading is an excellent way to re-focus mom and help us show our kiddos that we are there for them.

    Happy Mamas take time to be present

  3. It’s Fun

    One of my favorite things to do is grab a big blanket, some books and my kids. We go out on the lawn, lie on half of the blanket and put the other half over us! I hold the blanket over our heads while the boy holds the books. We can spend hours reading together! It’s great quality time while making reading FUN!

  4. It teaches

    Happy Mama’s know that reading opens thousands of doors to teach. The options of what to teach are endless.

    My kids are little so I often spend forever on the same page and I talk about letters, numbers of items on the page, the colors on the page, what sounds come from those things on the page. But the options are far greater than that!

    Happy Mamas take advantage of reading time and turn it into teaching time.

  5. It strengthens your bond

    Above all else happy moms know that reading time is also bonding time! Take this time to lie by each other, look in each other’s eyes, laugh and simply be together.

Happy Moms aren’t perfect, but they sure are happy with their kids as we learn how to travel this journey of motherhood.

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