Mother's Advice For Perfect Act/sat Scores

We recently read an article from a mother with three children in a row who scored perfect scores on the ACT/SAT tests. She shared a list of 16 helpful tips, ranging from cultivating kindness to making good use of time to getting adequate sleep. The tips are thoughtful and insightful, and the entire article is worth a read, but today we’d like to highlight a few tips in particular.

Mom and child reading monthly book club books

Be Kind

The mother’s first piece of advice was to be kind. She said that her kids would be the first to tell you that’s their number one piece of advice. As the mother explained, “[A]wards and scholarships don’t mean a thing if you haven’t made your school a happier place.”

Learn to Juggle

Learning to juggle, as it turns out, was just one example the mother shared of the confidence kids build when they learn new skills. As the mother stated, “Simply deciding, ‘I can do anything’ changes everything.”

Buy Books

Last but not least, the mother shared the importance of buying books. As she said, “[D]on’t forget to buy books.” She explained that frequenting the library is not enough because “[r]esearch proves book owners have smarter children” and cited to this study. She also encouraged families to take time to discuss together the books they read, explaining that such discussions are “where the real learning begins!”

We recommend taking time to check out the whole article. Helping your child, niece, nephew, or grandchild begin building a solid foundation in his or her youth is priceless. If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to build her or his personal library of books, let Bookroo help. Kids love receiving their monthly Bookroo deliveries! Sign up for our newsletter today and save 15% on your order.

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