Fri Yay Favorites

Time for a new post we like to call Fri-Yay Favorites! We’ve taken a few of our favorite images from you on our social media this past month and compiled them into one big bundle of joy in this blog post. If you’d like the chance to be featured, be sure to tag us!

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We love seeing our boxes delivered on your doorstep! @sugarmaplenotes


How could you not love this smile?! @foreverfearlessmag

@foreverfearlessmag ​ You can’t not be happy looking at this picture. You just can’t. @atoddlerandatopknot


​ Cutest shot of one of our books. @lihinggummybearmama

@lihinggummybearmama ​ This one just makes me want to cuddle a cute baby! @ambercbaldwin

@ambercbaldwin ​ Just a cutie enjoying his books in his outside reading nook! @22alfox

@22alfox ​ Last but not least, we love seeing your kiddos sharing and reading together! @joyfullysmitten


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