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How To Build the Perfect Baby Registry… and Add Bookroo To It!

Late summer is the season for babies (with August, September and July being the most popular months of the year!) and so whether you’re expecting (congrats!) or know someone who is, you’re bound to see a baby registry or two soon.

My husband and I are expecting our first child in November, so this is something we’ve been thinking a lot about personally. Where do we register? When do we register? What do we register for? There’s a lot to think about when you’re expecting, and only so much brain power to lend to it… particularly if you’re still morning sick!

Some tips I found in my personal research perusing the inter webs for how to build a good registry are:

  • Think past the first 3 months of your child’s life to what they’ll need in the first year. (If you are having trouble thinking past your next week marker, like me, this can be a challenge, but we’ve got it girls!) This means think clothes in a variety of sizes, activity centers, high chairs… and I don’t know what else :)
  • Register for items in a variety of price ranges (from $2 pacifiers if you’re a believer, to a fancy rocking chair or crib you’ve been eyeing). This gives people the opportunity to shop where they’re comfortable.
  • Be you! That’s the point of a registry… so that you can go modern chic, cowboy, or zebra print with your munchkin’s first belongings, and you’ll love it!

For the baby showers Becca, Tiff and I will be attending this summer season, you can bet we’ll be bringing a Bookroo subscription to the party (thinking past the first 3 months? ✓; any price range we need it to match to? ✓; uniquely us? ✓!) But what if Becca, Tiff or I aren’t on your invite list? Here’s two different registry sites that will allow you to add a Bookroo subscription to your Baby Registry so you can keep books coming for as long as you want (Hey Aunt Suzie…hint, hint!).

Site #1:


To create a registry with Babylist, and add Bookroo to it, start with “Create Your Babylist”. It will take you through the normal flow of entering your name, due date, address, etc. Then you’ll get to this screen where you can add the Babylist button for whatever browser you’re using. Do it! It’s awesome.


To add a Bookroo subscription to the registry, just go to, and then click the Add to Babylist button you just installed! You can scroll through to choose what picture you’d like…


…and then update any details you’d like to. Here I updated the price that of a 3-month subscription, and added a quick note :) Click the “Add to Babylist” button and you’re official!


Here’s what it will look like in your finished registry! (You may notice that image that did look squished before is no longer squished–hooray!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.03.47 PM

Site #2: MyRegistry

The process on is very similar…create a registry, enter your information, install the special button, go to and click the button, choose your favorite picture, edit any salient details you wish…

…and voila!


We wish you the best of luck with your baby season! If you add Bookroo to your registry or gift it for a baby shower this season, we’d love to hear about it! (We’ll even give you a social media shout out if you’re into that sort of thing :)

For you veteran mommas and baby shower gifters, leave your tips for us rookies in the comments!


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