Tips for Raising Readers

How to Get the Most out of Your Bookroo Box

We LOVE our Bookroo customers. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of each and every box we send. Here are a few tips to do just that!

Capture the Opening. Did you know that families who look back on family pictures and videos report better family functioning? So don’t just make memories, remember them! We see so many precious pictures and videos of your little ones opening their #BookrooBox. Keep ‘em coming! :)


Be a “Chatty” Parent. Did you know that talking more to your children significantly increases their language capacity? At 20 months, children of chatty mothers averaged 131 more words than children of less talkative mothers; at 2 years, the gap more than doubled, to 295 words.Some days all you might be able to do is just sit there while your little one reads their book–we understand. But when you can, ask them questions about their reading. Start conversations about the story. Talk to them about the themes, new words, or new animals introduced in the book.

Log Your Reading Progress. Did you know that Bookroo has a Reading App?! With your children, you can track the minutes and books they’ve read. Your child can even earn badges when they’ve read so many minutes or books. This helps make reading more fun and exciting for your kids.  The Reading App also helps your children set goals–what a great opportunity to teach them the specifics of goal setting. You might even use this to your advantage and place your own rewards for their goals. Jane, one of our co-founders, read 500 books in first grade and earned a penny a page from her grandpa.2

Use Our Reading Activities. Did you know that Bookroo has custom made activities each month that correspond to the books your children receive? It’s true! There are even activities for you to do, too! You can both spend some quality time coloring together, but you can actually color a grown-up picture. Our fun-filled activities help you when you’re feeling at a loss for what to do next with your children. Instead of sticking them in front of the TV, they can use their minds playing our matching game or strengthen their creativity designing their own tree house. Research shows that avoiding these electronic “shut-up” toys actually helps with future social-emotional outcomes. And if you’re a super proud parent, we’d love to see your little one’s artwork! And yours! ;)

Refer a Friend. Last of all, did you know that you have your own personal referral code? This is so you can share the joy of Bookroo with friends. Time to spread the love!


What is your favorite part about getting your #BookrooBox? We’d love to hear!

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