Thankful: Baby And Sibling Giveaway

Have you ever been so grateful? Felt so blessed? Or like you’ve just experienced a day of miracles? This sounds like it should be a thanksgiving post or something, but it’s just my real life right now.

Fulfillment with baby

Some of you may remember my miscarriage post a while back. So you can probably imagine my joy when we found out we were pregnant again and I made it to 11 weeks, and then to 14 weeks, and so on. Even though it wasn’t easy and I had signs of miscarriage and plenty of early contractions, this pregnancy was also filled with miracles and blessings.

Because of those blessings, I knew I would make it full term with this baby. I made sure I didn’t overdo it though and was very cautious. My little Christian had to learn quickly that momma couldn’t carry him around like he liked me to. That was hard for both of us. It was also a perfect time for him to make a stronger connection with daddy and learn some independence before becoming a big brother.

Already having two boys in our family, we had decided to wait to find out the gender of the baby until the birth. Most people thought we were crazy. They would tell us they would maybe do that if they had a boy and a girl, but what would we do if we had a girl?? I was excited, as you can imagine. I had miscarried multiple times and all I hoped for was a healthy baby, boy or girl. If it was a girl, we would definitely figure it out. :)

baby smiling on rug

Our sweet baby came as early as possible without threatening lots of time in the NICU. I had just reached the 37 week mark, which the doctors call full-term, when the next day I showed signs of labor. I was pretty surprised, but considering my background it should have been expected. That night as we went to bed my contractions were more intense than they had been throughout my early labor, and we ended up getting ready to go to the hospital shortly after midnight. Our baby arrived just an hour and a half after getting there with a very smooth and beautiful delivery. As I was handed my baby I looked down and exclaimed, “It’s a boy!” I turned to my husband to make sure he heard me and he had already seen that it was. Yes, that is boy number three for us. And we couldn’t be more grateful to have three healthy little brothers. I am especially blessed to be surrounded by all these boys. What more could a girl want!

His oldest brother wanted a baby sister so he could name her Elsa. When he found out it was a boy he said, “I guess we could name him Elster.” Funny little kid to turn his disappointment into something we could all laugh at.

It has been so fun to see the older boys’ personalities come out a little stronger as they’ve had to be big and entertain themselves a little more. They have done so well adjusting. They have just loved every minute with their baby brother, and I have certainly felt the same.

Three boys sitting on a couch

Maybe you have had similar moments of your heart exploding with gratitude? It’s as if the gratitude takes away the want for anything more. Each time I may consider asking for something or thinking I might need something new or more or different, I can’t finish the request without feeling overcome once again with thankfulness. I guess it is like this anonymous quote, “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

It seems to sometimes take the hard times to fully appreciate the blessings in our lives.

To top this off, our sister-in-law had her baby two days later. We have been in baby heaven celebrating the new life of these babes.

two babies on a chair

We have had incredible kindness shown to us as our baby arrived home. Meals brought in, laundry done, big boy play dates, and gifts for both the baby and his big brothers. As I have seen this kindness, I thought that this might be the perfect time for Bookroo to run a fun new baby deal. If you know someone expecting a baby or with a newborn, you can purchase a board book bundle and receive a free picture book or junior book bundle for the older siblings! Just use code NEWBABY at checkout.

Enjoy the little piece of heaven coming to your world!

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